Up until now,

 if you need data in your google sheets from your local database (databases installed in your laptop), you will need to manually run a query, export it into a csv/tsv/xls file and then import it into Google sheets. The problem with this approach is, once you import the data into google sheets, this data is stale and is not connected to your local database. Any time your local data changes, it is not reflected into your google sheets. This is a big pain when you have a report in google sheets shared with many others, showing stale data. 

With Kloudio & Ngrok,
now there is a solution for this problem.
Ngrok is a solution to expose your local http/tcp services to the outside world. Installing the Ngrok is pretty simple. Once you have installed ngrok, you can run the following command in the command line in your laptop.

For Mysql:
ngrok tcp 3306 

For Postgres:
ngrok tcp 5432 

You should see the screen like below if everything goes successful. Note down the Forwarding information which we will use to create a connection in Kloudio.

In the Kloudio Portal, click 'New Connection' and then enter the connection information from the above screen.

Yay! you have now successfully connected to your local database instance. Now you can create reports and run these reports in Google sheets.

You can also schedule the reports as long as the Ngrok client is running in your laptop.

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