After you've created your Kloudio report using builder or using SQL, It's now finally time to use it to extract data into Google Sheets and schedule it as per your desired frequency! You can do this using the Kloudio Google Sheets add-on.

First, install the Kloudio add-on if you haven't already.

  1. After the add-on is installed and you have logged in successfully, click My Reports by navigating to Add-ons -> Kloudio -> Run Report as shown above. 

  2. Choose the report that you created earlier.

  3. Enter any desired filter criteria.

  4. The Schedule tab will be highlighted. Choose your desired frequency and time, if applicable to auto-refresh your sheet as many times as you need. If you want to change the schedule at a later point, you can always do that by navigating to Add-ons -> Kloudio -> Update Schedule and setting a different refresh schedule.

Would you like to refresh it on demand? Not a problem! Just go to Add-ons -> Kloudio -> Refresh Data  and you should be all set.

Congratulations! You have not only successfully created a Kloudio report but also scheduled  it for an hands free auto-refresh of your spreadsheet.  Sit back and relax while Kloudio takes care of keeping your spreadsheet in sync with the latest data!

PS - Looking to get data on Excel? Contact us at and we can help you!

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