This article will help you to create Facebook Access Token in two simple parts:

  • Registration of Developer Account

  • Create Facebook Access Token

The following steps will guide you to Register Developer Account:

  1. Go to for user registration.

  2. Click on "Continue" button and now its time to verify your account.

  3. Select the Country, Enter the Mobile number and click on "Send Verification SMS" button.

  4. Enter the received code from the SMS and click on "Continue" button.

  5. Review your email address by selecting the "Confirm Email" button.

  6. Select the "Developer" role and click on "Complete Registration" button.

  7. Now you will be navigated to "Create App" Screen on Successful Registration.

The following steps will guide you to Create Facebook Access Token:

  1. Click on "Create App" button, Select the app type based on your requirement and click on "Next" button.

  2. Enter the app name associated with your app ID and click on "Create App" button.

  3. Now re authenticate with your password and click on "Submit" button.

  4. Click on "Set Up" button in Marketing API App and select Tools towards left menu of the screen.

  5. In the Get Access Token bar, Select the token permission by checking in all the displayed check boxes (e.g. ads_management, ads_read and so on) and click on "Get Token" button.

  6. The generated Facebook Access token gets displayed below the "Get Token" button.

Congratulations! You have successfully created the Facebook Access Token.

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