After you have created a data warehouse connection, it is time to specify what data elements you need in the form of a report to Kloudio. Now create a Report Builder or SQL Report before creating the Report Schedule.

The following steps provides a details documentation on Creating the Report Schedule:

Step 1 : Create a Destination before creating a schedule:

>> Select Connections >> Select Destination >> Click on + Add New Destinations

>> Select Google Sheets as Destination Type

>> Sign In with Google Credentials

>> The New Google sheet destination gets added with success popup message "New Google Sheet Destination Added!"

Congratulations! Your destination has been successfully created.

Step 2: Once the Destination is added, you can create a Schedule with below steps:

>> Navigate to Schedules tab >> click on + New Schedule

>> Select a Report from Report Dropdown

>> Enter the Schedule Name and Select the Destination with Google Sheets as Destination type

>> Select the Spread sheet from the Select Spreadsheet Dropdown

>> Select the desired Sheet Number and the Frequency of the Schedule where the Report has to Run and Click on OK button.

>> Schedule is created successfully

Congratulations! Your Schedule got created successfully.

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