Kloudio's Facebook Ads integration allows users to easily create reports from file Facebook Ads data.

The following article will help you get started:

Step 1 : Go to Kloudio Dataflows and Click on Add a Flow button to create a New Data Flow.

Step 2: Select the Required Data Warehouse and Click on Next button.

Note: On selecting Use Kloudio's Data warehouse check box, Kloudio’s Default Data Warehouse gets selected.

Step 3: Select Facebook Ads from the Data Sources List.

Step 4: On Selecting the Data Source, Corresponding Popup window is displayed, Enter the following details:

  • Connection Name : Enter the appropriate name of the Connection

  • Schema Name : Enter the Desired Schema Name (Schema Name can only contain lowercase letters, numbers and underscores, and cannot begin with a number)

  • Frequency : Select the desired frequency for the sync to be initiated and Click on Continue button.

Step 5: On navigating to Privacy Policy Page,

Click on the I Understand button to navigate to the authorization page.

Step 6: On Redirecting to Dashboard page for Authorization, Click on Authorize button.

Step 7: On Redirecting to Facebook Ads, you can authenticate with valid credentials.

Step 8: After Successful Authorization, Application is again redirected to Dashboard Screen, Select the desired Sync Mode and click on SAVE & TEST button.

Step 9 : Once all the connection tests are passed, You will be redirected to the Data Flow List Screen, where Sync Job status “Success” gets displayed on successful sync.

Step 10 : Once the Facebook Pages connection is created successfully, you will be able to create Reports using that Data Flows. To Create a New report, Go to Reports tab and click on New Report.

Once the Report Type window is displayed, click on the “Report Builder” option.

Step 11 : Finally Select the above created dataflow connection, schema, table, columns and Click on Preview Button to get the Data Preview of the Reports.

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