Kloudio's HubSpot integration allows users to easily create reports from HubSpot file data.

The following article will help you get started:

Step 1 : Go to Kloudio Dataflows and Click on Add a Flow button to create a New Data Flow.

Step 2: Select the Required Data Warehouse and Click on Next button.

Note: On selecting Use Kloudio's Data warehouse check box, Kloudio’s Default Data Warehouse gets selected.

Step 3: Select HubSpot from the Data Sources List.

Step 4: On Selecting the Data Source, Corresponding Popup window is displayed, Enter the following details:

  • Connection Name : Enter the appropriate name of the Connection

  • Schema Name : Enter the Desired Schema Name (Schema Name can only contain lowercase letters, numbers and underscores, and cannot begin with a number)

  • Frequency : Select the desired frequency for the sync to be initiated and Click on Continue button.

Step 5: On navigating to Privacy Policy Page,

Click on the I Understand button to navigate to the authorization page.

Step 6: On Redirecting to Dashboard page for Authorization, Click on Authorize button.

Step 7: On Redirecting to HubSpot Page you can authenticate with valid credentials.

Step 8: After Successful Authorization, Application is again redirected to Dashboard Screen, Select the desired options and click on Save and Test button. Once all the connection tests are passed, You will be redirected to the Connections list Screen, where Sync Job status is displayed, Once the Sync job is Complete, The Status “Success” gets displayed.

Step 9 : Once the HubSpot connection is created successfully, you will be able to create Reports using that Data Flows. To Create a New report, Go to Reports tab and click on New Report.

Once the Report Type window is displayed, click on the “Report Builder” option.

Step 10 : Finally Select the above created dataflow connection, schema, table, columns and Click on Preview Button to get the Data Preview of the Reports.

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