Creating a data warehouse connection

Kloudio lets you connect your data warehouse in the Kloudio portal so that you can then use it to extract data to spreadsheets and/or write data back to the database.

What is a database connection?

The specification of your database that is needed by Kloudio in order to connect to it for extracting and updating data on your behalf to and from your spreadsheets.

Why do I need to create a database connection in Kloudio?

Kloudio needs a valid database connection in order to connect to your database, on your behalf, in a secure and authenticated manner to extract data into your Google Sheets. This step is a prerequisite for you to download data onto Google Sheets or write data back to the database from Google Sheets using Kloudio.

STEP 1: Go to Kloudio Connections and Click the Data Warehouses tab. Then click on + Add Data Warehouse to create a New Connection. You will see the screen to select the Data Warehouse type. Here is exactly where you tell Kloudio the details of your database that you'd like to extract data from

STEP 2: Type in the details of your database. If you don't have it, you can also ask your company's database administrator to create this and share the connection with you

1. Give an easy to remember Data Warehouse Name ( e.g. Corporate Data )

2. Hostname: This is the database hostname

3. Port: e.g. 3306

4. Database name: e.g. Finance

5. DB credentials: Enter your DB username and password

6. Additional DB options such as SSL encryption and whether it's a Production instance

7. You can do a quick connection test by clicking on the Test Connection button

8. Click on Add Data Warehouse button to add the connection

Please note:

If your database is inside a firewall, please whitelist our IP addresses: and Depending on your hosting environment, the procedure to whitelist will vary. Please contact if you have any questions regarding this.

After filling all fields, click Add Data Warehouse. Kloudio will use these stored credentials to execute your configured Kloudio reports securely and send it to Google Sheets.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a connection in Kloudio. You are now ready to create your first report.

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