Dynamic Filters allow you to add additional filters at run time using the Excel add-on in your spreadsheets. You can filter your data for granular business insights without going into the Kloudio platform to define the filters.

Follow the instructions below to set up Dynamic Filter and start using it in your spreadsheets:

  1. Login to Kloudio portal and click on 'Reports' in the home screen

2. Now select any report from the 'Reports' screen

3. In the 'Edit Report' screen select the filters from the 'Column Properties'

4. Now add the Type, Format, and Operator for the selected filters and save the report

5. Then open the Excel Addon and login with valid credentials

6. Click on 'My Reports' tab, select the report from the dropdown and click on 'Run Report'. Now observe that report gets generated and all the predefined filters from the Kloudio portal get displayed in the left pane

7. Click on the 'Edit' icon, select the required dynamic filters by checking in the checkbox, and click on the 'OK' button

8. Finally, select the operators and add the values to the selected Dynamic Filters and click on 'Run Report' so that the user can view the filtered report

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