Once you have created your Kloudio template, you can use it to write-back data into the original database from Google Sheets and schedule it based on the desired frequency.

To use the Scheduled Updates functionality, you will need to install the Kloudio add-on.

Follow the steps below to write-back data into your original data sources:

  1. After the add-on is installed and you have logged in successfully, click My Templates by navigating to Add-ons -> Kloudio -> My Templates as shown above.

  2. Choose the template you want to use to upload data.

  3. Click on "Insert Template"
    This will insert the required columns for your template plus 2 additional columns that are used for you to monitor the status of the upload and view any messages related to validation errors. Go ahead and enter the data you want to upload to the database in all columns of the sheet except the status and message columns as shown below.

4. The Schedule tab will be highlighted. Choose your desired frequency and time, if applicable to auto-upload your sheet as many times as you need. If you want to change the schedule at a later point, you can always do that by navigating to Add-ons -> Kloudio -> Update Template Schedule and setting a different upload schedule.

5. Click on "Save". It will create a schedule template job.

The status column will show Success/Invalid/Error after the template upload.

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