Kloudio provides Slack as new destination like email/ google sheets. Slack will notify about your job status and integration sync status.

The following article will help you get started:

1. Slack authentication
2. Slack notification for job schedule
3. Slack notification for integration 

1. Slack Authentication 

  i. Go to Kloudio My Account  and click "Add to Slack" button

  ii.  It will redirect to Slack Auth. Enter the workspace and login to your workspace.

There you can see an intermediate landing page.

Choose any channel to get the notifications from Kloudio.

Click 'Allow'. Slack auth is completed.

2. Slack notification for job schedule

 i. Create new Schedule in Kloudio
ii. Select Slack as destination

Save the schedule. After the run, you will get the status of job and if the status is success, then you will receive the csv file in the specified channel
Sample Notification with csv :

3. Slack notification for integration 

  i. Create any new integration in Kloudio.
  ii. Select the 'Destination' as Slack.

Select the channel from the list.

After the sync, you will get the notification of the Integration sync selected channel in slack.

Sample Notification:

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