QuickBooks desktop is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit.

Kloudio's Quickbooks desktop (local) integration allows users to easily create reports from Quickbooks desktop data and run the reports in Google Sheets or Excel. 

***Note*** : Quickbooks desktop integration will only work in Windows 

Software needed:

  1. Quickbooks desktop 

  2.  Quickbooks desktop Web connector (Download Link : https://intuit.box.com/shared/static/veoi2d8otmz7i7zm1yogt3wepfhbfuc0.zip)

The following article will help you do the following:

  1. Create and set permissions for users in Quickbooks desktop.

  2. Setup the Quickbooks desktop Web Connector.

  3. Create a Quickbooks Desktop connection in Kloudio 

  4. Create and run your reports!

Create and set permissions for users in Quickbooks desktop.

  1. Go to Company -> "setup users and password" in Quickbooks desktop.

2. Click "Add User"

3. Enter username and password

4. Click next, and select "access for creating user"

5. It will show the permission settings for the user.

Click Finish, and Quickbooks will create the user.

 Setup Quickbook desktop Web Connector

    1. Open Quickbooks desktop (locally) and open the company file to integrate with             Kloudio.
    2. Open the Quickbooks desktop web connector and click 'Add an Application'                 button


   3. Select the .qwc file (you'll get this file from Kloudio's integration settings page -- see Step 5 under Create a Quickbooks Desktop connection) and open it - you will be re-directed to Quickbooks' web connector.

4. Click OK, then enable the Quickbooks desktop company file to read from the web connector. This window will open in Quickbooks desktop.

  5. Select the last option and click continue.

    6. After clicking continue, it will open a popup

    Click Yes

Now the web connector can read your Quickbooks desktop company file.

7. After the access is enabled, the qwc file will open in web connector

8. Enter your password in the web connector.

9. The web connector is now ready.

Create a Quickbooks Desktop connection

  1. Go to Kloudio Connections and click the button to create a New Connection. 

  2. Click the Setup button under the Quickbooks desktop icon.

  3. Enter Username, Password and Company File (Copy the .qbw company file path and paste it into the field - for example: D:\\kloudio\\Files\\Kloudio01qbw.qbw).

4. Click next, and the Quickbooks desktop integration will be created.
5. In integration settings page, you can download the Quickbooks desktop web connector configuration file(.qwc file)

6. After adding the connection name, connection, and schema name, click save and sync.

Note : Integration sync will run every 1 hour.

Create Kloudio reports from your Quickbooks desktop connection

Once the Quickbooks desktop connection is created and synced, you can create reports from any synced Quickbooks desktop tables as shown below:

 You can save your report by clicking "Save". 

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