Kloudio Gateway is Kloudio's downloadable local agent. Gateway empowers users to create secure connections to any database without the need for IP whitelisting, allowing users to easily set up secure connections to data sources without involving IT teams. 

Kloudio Web: Kloudio uses IP whitelisting to securely access databases within a firewall. This solution is fast and secure, but in some cases requires IT involvement which makes for a longer process. 

Kloudio Gateway: Kloudio's downloadable agent runs locally on the user’s machine, allowing Kloudio to access databases through network tunneling. This solution is even faster and supports more robust internal security features.

How to use Kloudio Gateway: 

  1. Download the Kloudio Gateway executable from the Kloudio portal. 

  2. Install and run Kloudio Gateway on your computer.

  3. Login to Kloudio. 

  4. When creating a connection, check the box that says "Use Agent"

  5. Voila! 

Now, let's see the steps in detail: 

Note: The screenshots are given in the example may be different on your screen.

Download Kloudio Gateway:

  1. Login to Kloudio website. (https://app.kloud.io/#/user/login)

  2. You can see Kloudio Gateway card as marked down in the image, click it and it will download (.exe or .dmg) based on your computer.

Install and Run Kloudio Gateway:

  1. Once the app gets downloaded, install the app on your computer. You will see it in an app launcher or desktop like this. 

2. Run Kloudio Gateway. You can see Gateway running in the tray bar or system tray, depending on your OS.

Login to Kloudio Gateway:

  1. Now click Login and use your Kloudio login credentials to authorize your agent. 

  2. Once you login you will see a window like this.

Create a connection using Kloudio Gateway:

  1. Login to Kloudio website. (https://app.kloud.io/#/user/login)

  2. On the Home page, click on Connections. 

  3. Click New Connection on the top right corner. 

  4. Choose any database connection according to your requirements. It will bring a dialog as shown below. 

5. Click on Use Gateway and fill in the database details which is inside the firewall.

6. Click save to connect to your database. 

Note: Whenever you create Kloudio Reports or Kloudio Templates, your agent should run on a computer that is inside the firewall (i.e) In the same network with the database. Without running the Kloudio Agent, Kloudio will not be able to communicate with your database. 

How does it work?

Now for the technical lads out there, let's see how Kloudio Gateway works. 

In core, Kloudio Gateway utilizes network tunneling. Most probably you might have heard of it, but in a nutshell, network tunneling is a protocol that allows for the secure movement of data from one network to another.

Let’s say,

Kloudio’s server is in Network A.

Your database is in Network B (Inside firewall or VPN).

As Kloudio is in a different network than your data source, Kloudio cannot connect to your database. Now what is the solution? We have to be inside Network B to access the database. That’s where Kloudio Gateway comes in. Kloudio Gateway will be running under your firewall or VPN and creates a to facilitate secure communication (sending back the data). 

Kloudio Gateway is an agent running in your machine (which is within your firewall or VPN). Thus, whenever you create a connection using Gateway, our system (Network A) communicates to your agent (your computer) and in turn communicates to the database (Network B) and gives us back the data through secure tunneling. 

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