Google Forms is a free and efficient way for businesses to create surveys. 

The challenge comes in when there’s a need to analyze responses on another platform. Or alternatively, list of values (LOVs) are pre-determined and need to be populated into Google Forms. 

Fortunately, Kloudio’s Google Forms integration helps you quickly auto-populate hundreds of list of values to Google Forms and responses to your database. No longer will you have to invest hours of your day into designing a survey in Google Forms.

By connecting Google Forms to Kloudio, you’ll be able to...

  1. Sync Google Forms responses to your database for analysis 

  2. Populate list of values (LOV) or multiple choice answers to Google Forms when designing a new survey

Get setup in minutes by following the steps below.

How to populate Google Forms responses to your database (3 steps)

Start populating Google Forms responses in 3 quick steps as follows.

1. Begin by selecting ‘Kloudio Forms Add-on’ in Google Forms.

This will begin the process of connecting your Google Forms to Kloudio.

2. Next, choose ‘Sync settings’ in the dropdown.

This should enable you to choose where you want to populate Google Forms responses.

3. Select a DB connection and schema using the dropdown. (This is where your Google Forms responses will be stored by Kloudio.)

Finally, click ‘Save’. (Doing so will ensure all future Google Forms responses will be uploaded to google_form_responses table within your chosen schema and database connection.)

Optional: Analyze your Google Forms responses by building a Kloudio Report.

How to auto-populate Google Forms with a list of values (LOV) from your database (2 steps)

1. Begin by creating a one-column Kloudio report. (This is the report you want to use to auto-populate list of values/options associated with any question)

Next, go to your Report Settings and select ‘Show in Google Forms’ as shown below.

2. Then, visit Google Forms to create a new survey.

Select the ‘Kloudio - List of Values’ add-on as shown below. (This will map your List of Values associated with any question to the corresponding Kloudio report you created in the previous step.)

Continue to create surveys by populating more LOVs to Google Forms as needed.

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